One of the main responsibility of İSOFF members and all participants is to prevent any harm towards nature and their surrounding with their approach to nature and being in nature. For this purpose, the following rules will be applied.

All club members and participants act according to these rules during these types of camps.

  1. Cooperation is mandatory during camp preparation, sustaining and cleaning.
  2. We care for preserving nature during camping and other events and we have camp staff.
  3. All firearms and weapons are strictly forbidden in and around the camp.
  4. Individuals avoid any behaviours to disturb the surrounding and other campers.
  5. Individuals must follow all warnings of the camp staff.
  6. Off-Road vehicles are forbidden in the camping zone.
  7. After settling in the camp area, vehicles are parked in a way to be used in case of emergency and to ensure safety.
  8. Other than the main campfire, only small and short-term fires are permitted (for cooking etc.); these fires are lit inside a pit surrounded by stones and blown out after cooking.
  9. A fire extinguisher must be present near the main campfire.
  10. Uncontrolled fire, cutting young trees or breaking the branches and connecting a crane on the trees with a strap are forbidden.
  11. Necessary precautions for camp tent and tent ropes to be detected at night must be taken.
  12. All trips with our without vehicle outside the camp is subjected to the permission of the camp responsible.
  13. Cutting trees is strictly forbidden.
  14. If you are bringing an animal to the camp, the animal must be fully vaccinated, do not disturb any camp participants and if needed, bounded during eating time.
  15. Camp participants must bring their own equipment.
  16. All campers must collect their garbage in a garbage bag can carry this bag until the first garbage area after zone cleaning.
  17. Anyone joining this camp understands and accepts that İSOFF – İstanbul Off-Road Club has no responsibility or liability of any events that might occur during the camp and the races and undertakes to follow all the camp rules.