Last Update: 20 February 2020

Privacy Policy

1- Introduction

As İstanbul Off-Road Club Association, we care for your privacy and data security. Therefore, we prepared a Privacy Policy to clarify which data we collect, our purposes to collect data and your rights about your data. This Privacy Policy is only valid for (“our website”). If you do not accept this Privacy Policy, you must not continue to use our website.

2- Links to Other Websites

Our website might contain links to third party websites ad this Privacy Policy does not apply to those third-party websites. We do not accept any responsibility regarding those websites. You must the ready privacy policy of the third-party websites before sharing your data with such websites.

3- Collected Data

When you become a member of our website, you directly provide us with your data such as name, surname, username and e-mail. If you opt for our newsletter, you directly provide us with your data such as name, surname and e-mail. We are also collecting your IP address when you are commenting on the website content and during membership. We are recording your mobile phone number with SMS verification send during profile page creation after setting your username on

4- How Do We Use Collected Data?

We are using the data you have directly provided us to send the newsletter, create your user account and sustain your user account. This usage has a legal foundation and necessary for making and executing an Agreement. Your IP address is collected and stored to comply with legal liabilities arising from Law No. 5651 Law on Organising Publications on Internet Environment and Fighting Against Crimes With These Publications.

5- How Long Do We Store Your Data?

We are storing your data directly shared with us when you create membership as long as you continue to be a member. You data directly provided when subscribed to our newsletter is stored on our system until you terminate your membership. Your IP address is stored on our system for 1 year.

6- Data Sharing

We do not share your data with 3rd parties except legally binding demands from official authorities and courts to undertake our legal liabilities.

7- Cookies

Cookies are simple text files embedded by websites on your browser to know your preferences and movements. We are only using cookies for interface improvements for your language selections. You can manage the cookies from browser settings.

8- Age Limit

Our website aims for individuals over 18-years old and you must not use our website if you are not at least 18-years old. We will delete all personal data if we know about processing the personal data of individual under 18 years old.

9- Your Rights About Your Personal Data

You can use the rights disclosed below by sending an e-mail address to

  • You can learn whether your personal data is processed.
  • You have the right to demand information if your personal data is processed.
  • You have the right to learn the purpose to process your personal data and whether such data is used purposefully.
  • You have the right to learn the third parties domestically or internationally that your personal data are transferred.
  • You have the right to ask for correction of your personal data if such data is missing or incorrect.
  • You have the right to ask for deleting or destroying your personal data.
  • You have the right to notify third parties who has the right to access your personal data about correction, deletion or destruction of your personal data.
    You have the right to object to any results to the detriment of you when processed data is exclusively analysed via automatic systems.
  • You have the right to demand compensations of the loss if you experience any losses due to illegal personal data processing.
  • You have the right to demand completely or partially terminating processing your personal data.
  • You have the right to demand ask a copy of your personal data in an electronic format and to transmit this to another person.
  • You have the right to object personal data processing at any time.

10- Changes in Privacy Policy

We can make changes in our Privacy Policy at all times. We will notify you about these changes.

11- Contact Us

You can always contact us about your questions related to this Privacy Policy and your comments via or by using the mail address below.

Mail Address:
Maslak Mahallesi, A.O.S. Sitesi, 52.Sokak No:4 PK. 34485 Sarıyer / İstanbul, Turkey