İstanbul Off-Road Club founded to gather off-road people as motorsport lovers and nature lovers and the club has been organising 4×4 races, outdoor trips, motorsport training for 27 years. Since 1993, the club acts as the locomotive to create new projects to improve and introduce off-road sports in Turkey.

For İSOFF, Off-Road is more than a mud and vehicle sports; Off-Road is a mediator to explore the wilderness and to cover a distance to struggle against nature and serves as a team sport where strong team rather than the high number, struggling rather than competitive people who love adventure are gathered.

ISOFF organised hundreds of Off-Road organisations and events since the day of establishment and it is the first off-road club in Turkey founded in 1993.

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Kulübümüzün Kuruluşu

Ülkemizde 1988 yılından 1993 yılına dek 4x4 Off-Road organizasyonları ve yarışları üstünkörü, düzensiz ve uzun aralıklarla yapılıyordu. Ülkemizde bir çok Off-Road ilgilisi, tutkulusu ve meraklısı bulunmasına rağmen organize olunamıyor, etkinliklerde süreklilik sağlanamıyor ve düzenli etkinlik çalışmaları yapılamıyordu. Bu düzensizliği ortadan kaldırmak, Off-Road kültürünün ülkemizde gelişimini tamamlamak, Off-Road tutkunlarını bir araya getirmek, uluslararası organizasyonlarda ülkemizi temsil etmek ve Off-Road sporunun tüm Türkiye'de yaygınlaşması amacıyla İstanbul Off-Road Kulübümüzü 1993 yılında kurduk. Aynı zamanda bu girişimimiz dolasıyla İstanbul Off-Road Kulübü (İSOFF) Türkiye'nin ilk Off-Road sporları kulübü ünvanına sahip olmuştur.


İlk 4x4 Yarış Takvimimizi Oluşturduk

A set of Crossed Pistons were added to the small skull. This time the design was embroidered on black western style shirts with white piping.
The Skull and Crossed Pistons were redesigned, making them much larger with more detail.
The AMA (American Motorcycle Association) that supervises all official races in the USA, banned the word Outlaws from all race clothing. Club members who raced adapted and wore an “OMC” on their outfits till 1963.
The Outlaws became the first true 1%er Club east of the Mississippi.
On the 4th of July, the “Gipsy Outlaws” from Milwaukee became the second chapter to join the club. 



The first chapter outside the USA

In July, 1967, the “Outlaws” National President and a few more members went down from Chicago, and sanctioned the first chapter in Florida.
“God forgives, Outlaws don't“ became the club's motto.
The first chapter outside the USA was formed in Canada. The “Satan's Choice” became “Outlaws”.
For the first time a member not belonging to the Mother chapter became “National President”.
The abbreviation “MC” was added to the backpatch.
France became the first European chapter.
Formerly independent, the “Australian Outlaws” joined the AOA. The “MC 44” from France became a chapter. The bottom rocker on their backpatch read “Europe”.


The Chicago chapter had grown

The Chicago chapter had grown and is split into three groups: the Mother Chapter (Southside), Westside and Northside. Norway became the second European chapter.
The Belgian “Outlaws MC”, already existing independently for 25 years, became a member of the AOA.
14 chapters of the English and welsh “Outlaws MC“, until then an independent MC, joined the AOA. Later that year Norway was added as the first Scandinavian chapter.
With new chapters in Ireland and Jersey, a country off the English coast, the club began to expand. In Germany the “Ghost Riders MC” joined the AOA.


Original Mustang Shop Tour

The first Asian chapter was established in Thailand and Sweden became the second Scandinavian chapter.
Germany started the first official Support MC of the AOA Nation. The new “Black Pistons MC” soon appeared in other countries: the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Poland and Norway for starters. The AOA expanded again, this time with new chapters in Italy and Poland.
The “Outlaws MC” had grown to hold a presence in 19 states of the USA. The French “MC Drome” came over and joined the AOA.
At the end of 2004, the AOA started its first prospective chapter in Russia.


The Outlaws MC World

The Outlaws MC World celebrated its 70th Anniversary as a Motorcycle Club and the 40th Anniversary as the AOA. In June Charlie landed in Russia, as the chapter received full membership Status.
The end of 2006 marked the AOA starting its first chapter in Japan.
Asia grew again, with the first chapter in Philippines starting in March.
The A.O.A. starts a chapter in Spain, in January.
The A.O.A. starts a chapter in Serbia and Austria.
The A.O.A. starts a chapter in Switzerland and Czechia.
Biking & Brotherhood since 1935. The Outlaws MC World celebrate 2015 the 80th Anniversary as a Motorcycle Club and 50th Anniversary as the AOA (Outlaws Nation)



Other than the races, we have organised expeditions in different places in Turkey. We drove as a convoy in never explored tracks of Kaçkar, the Taurus, West Aegean Region and Central Anatolia. We drove in canyons of Salt Lake, Konya dessert and across the Taurus without even a tire mark. On weekends, we camped around İstanbul. We organised one-day off-road trips.

When we first started, we had no one around us. Now, there are 20 off-road clubs in Turkey in this number is increasing. The increase in the number of off-road clubs, races and audience shows that we are working in line with our initial purpose.

We are still at the beginning of this road; we are just 27 years old and we continue this road with our new projects.