ISOFF ve GEA Deprem Bölgesinde Yardımlara Başladı

Kubilay Tufekci, President ISOFF Istanbul Off-road Club, Organising Committee of Baja Troia Turkiye:

Two major earthquakes hit Eastern Turkiye back to back, leaving devastating effects with thousands of lost lives, injured ones. While our thoughts are with the victims of this tragedy, we as ISOFF Istanbul Off-road Club teamed up with GEA Search & Rescue Team where we also have common members with. We immediately send trucks with urgent necessities and our experienced members headed to the region for help. We are still coordinating with our international friends for receiving their trucks of relief supplies. Our dear friends Alex Kovachev from Bulgaria and Maurizio from Romania send us their official rescue teams with 75 brave men and women, we are so grateful to all these support… We express our condolences for the losses and wish quick recovery for the ones wounded physically and mentally.

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