Covid-19 pandemics measurements’ effects lasting with the same severity since the beginning have influenced all the sportive activities. In all the five Countries, together with BAJA TROIA TURKEY 2020, taking place in the calendar of EAST EUROPEAN TOUT-TERRAIN SERIES, the races could not be achieved, because of these pandemic measurements.

We regret to say that, the Covid-19 pandemics and related preventive measures are yet in effect, by almost the same severity since the beginning of the outbreak and still influencing all sportive activities. As a matter of fact, BAJA TROIA TURKEY 2020 is a part of EAST EUROPEAN TOUT-TERRAIN SERIES, which takes place in five different Countries, where none of the races have been accomplished by the previously announced timelines due to the pandemic measures.

In Turkey, especially the sportive organizations, to which foreign competitors’ participation have an important share, like BAJA TROIA TURKEY, have faced the same impasse due to limitation of international travels.

BTT is not an ordinary organization for ISOFF, but a challenge that needs to be advanced, enriched, developed each and every successive year. We are targeting a larger number of staff, with participation of increased number of foreign and local competitors together with more contentious stages. And we will continue as such…

As because the actual conditions and the responsibility we carry against our staff and participants will not give us the opportunity to make an organization with the above defined perfection, we decided to cancel the BTT organization which was pre-planned for October 15-28, 2020.

We wish healthy days to our participant competitors, staff and spectators together with hope of meeting in 2021.



ISOFF / Istanbul Off-Road Club

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