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As Istanbul Off-Road Club (İSOFF), we would like to thank all İSOFF members and voluntary friends who have worked hard for days without sleeping and to organizations and businesses that sponsored our race and offered their support for Baja Troia Turkey 2021 organized on 28-31 October 2021 among the unique natural beauties of Çanakkale.

All safety precautions to ensure the life safety of the racer teams and audience is taken in BajaTroia Turkey 2021. Racer no 213 was dismissed based on the Commissary Board decision and this racer shared social media posts against our club.

There is the necessity to explain the reason for the dismissal of the racer and this process to the public for providing the correct information.

The co-pilot of racer no. 213 wore an inflammable fleece jacket on the overalls which are against the Tosfed Safety Rules. This situation has been identified and a penal fine is applied by the Race Director due to breaking the rules.

While racer no. 213 had the right to object to the penal fine according to the correct procedure, the racer attempted to put the penal fine inside the clothes of the Racer Director. The racer failed in his attempt as the Director prevent this situation. The racer threw the money to the Director in front of the Race Commissary, observers and other racers and said, (“Take this money and go buy yourself a new camera. You can take better photos”).

Such behavior of any racer against the Race Director is unacceptable or intolerable regardless of any reason.

Despite all that, the Race Director didn’t make any countermovement against the racer and the racer is removed from the location.

After this sad event, the TOSFED Commissary Board handled the situation and decided to dismiss the racer from the race and reject the racer’s objection.

A disciplinary process might also follow this Dismissal Decision made by the TOSFED Commissary Board as a result of this unsporting behavior.

As İSOFF Director of Boards, we would like to inform the public that we will not permit any unjust victimization from this process in which our club wasn’t directly involved and the attempt to discredit our efforts.

İstanbul Off Road Club
Kubilay Tüfekçi

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